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EDI Integration Specialist

Synchronized Systems has been providing Medicaid/ Medicare related billing software utilities and systems to the provider community for over 18 years. Our products help to make the complex tasks related to billing Medicaid / Medicare / Third Party Payers more efficient.

PC-837A 837 Analyzer Software

PC-837 Analyzer reads Hipaa compliant 837 files and exports the data to excel for easy sort, search, and pivot table access to the billing data. Many providers do a 6-month or 12-month review of all claims submitted to a payer and appreciate the flexibility of the Analyzer, where you can place many 837 files into a folder and the software will Analyze all files and produce a single convenient Excel file for easy viewing.

837 Analyzer Software Screenshots

Image Description


PC-837A Main Screen

Easily Configure The
Default Import And Export Folders

Processing Of Files
Is Quick And Convenient

Export Results To Excel
For Easy Viewing

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