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EDI Integration Specialist

Synchronized Systems has been providing Medicaid/ Medicare related billing software utilities and systems to the provider community for over 18 years. Our products help to make the complex tasks related to billing Medicaid / Medicare / Third Party Payers more efficient.

PC-APG Translator Software

PC-APG is the product that will convert your 837I and 837P files into a custom import file for the 3M GROUPER. Results from the grouper can then be re-imported back into PC-APG to review the results. Institutional providers will want to have access to the 3M Grouper/Pricer so they can calculate upcoming medicaid claim revenue

APG Translator Software Screenshots

Image Description


PC-APG Main Screen

Proccess Results Main Screen

After X12 Data Has Been Imported
Claim Data Can Be Reviewed
Before Submission

Export Results
To Excel For Easy Viewing

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